Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Upcoming things

This is more or less a note to myself to not forget!

  1. refurbish the league guides ( split the laning tips into whole new, standalone guide applicable for all champs, but leave the champion specific tips on the champion guide + this will give me more space to improve the tips for each champion! )
  2. once done the above post it on reddit, see what happens?
  3. with that done can post other champ guides without much worry, as it will be much easier and enjoyable rather than slow and boring laning explanation each time
  4. spam the Talon icon as its so fucking sweet ( CHECK )
  5. try bandicam once again in the league of legends, this time reduce leagues graphics to lowest possible point and check the FPS. Make it WORK! need the videos! cant accept <60fps and unstable!
  6. encode and upload all the touge runs!
  7. this time film the touge races, all of them! eventualy someone wont crash and it will be upload worthy!
  8. beat the akina 2:53 record!!! with stock AE86 of course
  9. make the skyline grip run with infernus/modified skyline stock handling. ( on all touges )
  10. make wc3 audio commentary where I don't sound like im falling asleep or a snob ( lol )
  11. upload the one which is done already, its not too bad, worth for the end!
  12. wc3 audios from Jons/ferfes reps aswell not just mine and Cons!
  14. Maybe add a guide to how I film and upload the videos, because I make exceptionaly low size and meh , but watchable quality vids fairly easily! maybe it would help someone ( it woulda helped past me pretty well )
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptWnGA79xms try his lines and improve on them + ofcourse beat his time hard

Talon OriginalLoadingMercyMercyMercyMercyMercyMercyMercyMercy

I wouldn't have started playing talon if not for his icon/splash art haha

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