Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I keep saying how I hate thoughts of others invading my head as it only makes me stray away from my own created path, and my own created path is the only thing that really matters, as anything ever done by anyone else usualy never helps, it is loads of fun, but essentialy useless and even kind of bad for me, nothing, but a distraction or even worse source of confusion. At same time always trying to keep an open mind, as otherwise wont learn a thing, and being respectful, honest and just listening to other ideas is mandatory to move forward, but its impossible without having a strong and confident hold of your own beliefs. More than anything I'm an expert at being confused and making enormous ammount of mistakes. But for sure I've always known the importance of writing things down, for your own sake. Many say that whats the point of creating something that is only for yourself, and the point is that such thing as yourself will never exist, as you are always ever changing person and need that strong, firm background of text, full of knowledge and experiences you felt at that current moment which you cant remake in this current instance anymore, just being and existing out there somewhere reachable. And more than anything you need to constantly remind yourself of such wisdom actually being there. I don't know how many people face the same problem I do, but I constantly forget and keep repeating the same mistakes like a dumbass, only to realise that all that I needed to know was already there.

Not sure how much of a correct term it is to use it like that, but..

Visualising or meditating you could say, just generaly make it a constant routine for yourself to have those things that I mentioned on your mind. Glimpses of knowledge available, created by your own self. Just helps so much. Having a piece of paper next to my laptop with things written to which I could deeply relate to.. so simple , yet so effective. Helped me alot to stop wasting my time away, and not in the militaristic type of way where you try to be as efficient as possible only, but in the way that made me more happy, happy because I was more aware, aware of the things which made me happy.

And so I leave this piece of text out there for future, doubting/confused me to read once again. This time atleast without dozens of swear words and horrible and even less readable grammar. : )

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