Sunday, March 22, 2015

Harem anime sure is fun. That + staying up all night and just giving yourself occasional micro nap to snuggle in your soft nice smelling bed. Its nice to let go and feel cute sometimes. Today is my birthday, its funny that in the past I'd be all edgy and make jokes about how pathetic I am for spending my birthday like this, but you know the biggest and most important lesson I think, that I didn't just learn, but realised deep inside through my whole existance, is to stay true to yourself and whatever makes you happy. It took me very long time, because of how stubborn and oblivious I tend to get sometimes, took very long time to realise how much of a pushover I was. My first and only relationship really helped me realise this. Because It was my first I was so excited to be the very best I could be, without realising I chopped myself into tiny pieces as time went on. Hey you, lonely reader out there, relationship only will be a magical cure which you imagine it to be, only if you stay 100% true to yourself! It may seem cruel and rude, but to make relationship work both have to be fully devoted to themselfs and be greedy to some degree. "selflessness" and "sacrifice" has no place in relationship. (as in own selfs sacrifice, material and other bullshit like time etc, ofcourse!).

Ha benefits of knowing russian, some VN's which are not english patched have russian patch instead. Funny stuff. Never realised it would be handy in this way. Only another great lesson to keep in mind, cherish what you have! Anyway I'll be slowly making comeback in League of Legends now. My current gaming set up seems to make me crash with bug splats quite often, but I'll manage somehow. Time to skill up and work hard! Btw I cleaned up those unneccesery guide pages for league cuz fuck it guys, champ specific guide is more of a build, i think ill rehash all of them and just focus on single page for laning and general game flow ( it wil lbe handy for me this way aswelll ) kek

If you are interested in pretty fun VN, id say try out moero downhill nights 2. I havent played the other 2 yet, but this one is just fun. I guess anything with some competition and some freedoms just has special place for me

Anyway just good songs blasting pretty good morning, snow sunlight uhuthuhtuhthut! Big plans on my mind, but ofcourse they will vanish, mb

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