Thursday, March 5, 2015


"I believe every word he said, because its exactly what I wanted to hear"

Sounds legit to me. For past couple of years spent alot of times on different and quite radical communities on both left and right or whatever side and well really people come to those communities not to learn something new, but to fit in really, they already have their minds made up on whats wrong and right ( more or less ) and just tend to believe almost anything that that community shoves down their throat and only sink deeper and deeper... Have to be cautious not to let yourself fall into something like this, its so EASY SOO EASY to fall into this SOOO EASY. Only solution is not to ever be a part of anything ;DD, cave your own path i guess

Mind truly is the devil, ultimate cause of any psychotic behaviour. It ruins itself without human interference. Mind and body both only want to keep indulging in whatever "feels good" eventually dragging you down so deep that it becomes normal/acceptable or whatever, you catch my point theres many variations etc etc, but same cause for this effect. In some sense it resembles bible teachings, the spirituality and acting above your mind and reason which in end leads to better results and more control of self and your hapiness / true personal knowledge or enlightment. While devil " the mind " is the seducer of all what leads you to being rotten. But its good that bible and religion was dropped and became rather irrelevant in modern age, it was too controlled and misunderstood. Only when theres lack of it, the need for it will come forth and you will really learn the lesson and its meaning. I GUESS

Btw just gotta love this picture haha

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