Sunday, March 8, 2015

Quick note

Archive the conversation with contempt about league strategy/game ending by 20min. The rotation seems pretty strong

^ according to that plan update one runeset, possibly more ad  ( think about MU like tryndamere, need a bit earlier boost instead of movespeed ( make it 2 MS quints and switch glyphs? + some marks + start long sword )

Olafs head , dont forget to add that to item sets once PC is available. Possibly get it after a pick axe or two vs squishy lane ( if hard frozen domination mode is active ) But only for that !! not just because!

Dont forget about the, more AD + doran stack way of VS irelia. The forceful all in style of this build path will be beneficial ( just test its spikes first ) for the 20min style!

Yeah and just practice laning with long sword + 3pots more, but get flask afterwards ( but only if worth ) , its becoming more and more just a comfort choice, but not really most effective choice ( same way 21 tech was comfy, but weak in the end )

Push to the limits, cuz 20min game end is pushing it to the limits. Dont opt out to comfy mid late only

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