Saturday, April 4, 2015


little racer STREET, still beasting. ( develop my own driving style which i feel confident with, dont rush headless into each corner for maximum cut each time, fucking sux to go on like that, takes too much time to beat Sysgen like that too )

1. fix up that bike, see wasup. Need that for work ( DONT FORGET !!! )
2. Savaitgali Artas nori hangout, would be nice to play some genesis shrug shrug
3. Drawing was always fun, but now that im totaly drained of any inspiration, might aswell go and find some new fun ways to draw, even if it means copying some stuff just for reference sake ( its more fun to have some solid background before unleashing personal taste onto something, otherwise you end up crawling around in mud only! )

would be cool to find some simple, yet fun looking things to try to copy. ( darius axe, shadow leggy's stuff, lol's fanart etc )

Not like i got anything better to do when im resting/waiting for matches. Internets too toxic for me, rather indulge in simple hobbies

1. KOTOR etc

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