Sunday, April 12, 2015

figuring out the most efficient style for yourself

1. Maximum kill pressure top/jungle synergy against enemy

Thats one and most undeniable choice we always make, and it is the best ultimate weapon, no change is required. Question is, how to fully utilise that advantage to grab wins?

Some notes firstly :

  • Not an assassin
  • Not a sieger
  • If build for diving = throw away all advantage for ability to stay alive 2 seconds longer. ( though if freeze with LW only and build tank, with ganks any tank would still die, just 1v1 would take much longer and would really be only possible with a redbuff/mallet vs Nasus/maokai )
  • Literally all I am is a tank killer.
With that in mind, how to maximise my tank killing potential throughout the game. How to really take them all down good?

  1. Cleanse,ghost,heal, flash. Those will help maneuver through the front line, and "kite back" If I have higher movespeed than enemy ADC, and high enough movespeed to keep on dodging APC/Supps bullshit spells, I automaticaly dodge most of their damage + get to abuse my Q's range.  LESS RELYING ON NOOB PICK OFFS. 
  2. A Support made to do damage/Hard anti CC/EXTREME CC . Theres no time for single target reliable stuns or hooks, those require strong use of early lanes push power and ward control. You wont be doing that, you will be freezing and denying, owning and doing quick roam. 
  3. Catching/Engaging on a tank or support is always fairly simple, especially with good jungler. What comes after is we abuse our sick bruteforce to take them out all one by one. The more bruteforce we have on each single champion, the less delicate we have to play, and the less of our combos each single person will have to use to take out their support/tank = Save more for their ADC/APC = once they move in to assist, they are done.
Thats it, most reliable teamfighting. Thats what I should focus on, and what I should improve on. Not on catching noobs, that doseant improve my teamfighting skill. ( nor does it improve teams )


Some comp ideas:


Most important Velkoz/Zyra or possibly Karma. Other mid options could be ; Brand, Syndra, Zilean, Orianna, Katarina, Leblanc, Malzahar, Veigar , Viktor, Cassiopea, Chogath, Zed, Mordekaiser. Noone else has same ammount of damage early on.

Other supports could be : Sona, Soraka ( fortrify our front line holding or vs Assassins ) ,  Morgana , Leona ( save ur CC for when the carries try to help their tanks, stop them ) , Alistar ( same as leona ) ,  Janna and Braum ( improve brawling by SPECIFICALY picking this to block some of their abilities/cancel them. If you cant do that, you just wasted a pick ), Thresh ( chain CC after an engage on a tank. Hook in, fly in, flash flail onto enemy carries and give us the lantern to follow them to stop their damage, otherwise useless )

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