Friday, April 17, 2015

Proper gameplay protocol

1. Tense/tired muscles = fail ( cant properly focus )
2. Feeling entitled to ANYTHING ( rest, good time, good plays, anything given to you easily ) = fail
3. Feeling special in any sort in general brings your own demise
4. Anything whats not focus on the present moment, only weakens you
5. Anything what you were yesterday or week ago, is gone and doseant matter, focus on what you are now

Those are main causes of error, now for solutions :


1. Absolute devotion to self expression of ones life ( lack of outside entertainment, lack of hoping and wishing , just do things instead )
2. Read through the errors, and realise them as truth
3. Dedicated a specific amount of time to simply focus, dont just jump into the action
4. Proper warm up ( stretch, aim booster/multitask )
5. Nap if required ( no reason to go on without full dedication, waste of efficient time )


To do:


1. Rearrange/rethink builds and summoners for my playable champions. Maximum kill pressure, no fucking around. As an exercise do it against every champion, something to think about properly. ( copy it to the notepad, will take a while )
2. Do the warm up even if theres no gameplay incoming, keep body remembering and in shape. ( mostly keep your head in the game, yesterday you lost it, lost all focus so fast due to fatigue. Pathetic, do it properly!!!! )
3. Once proper warm up becomes a habit, its all smooth riding. Can initiate it any time, its all about efficiency for now.

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