Saturday, May 2, 2015

DAdadadadailyyyy yoooo

Darius, Master Yi, Garen

  1. Staying true to my plans = OP
  2. Improve on laning, big time. Dont fear to not get kills and build defense. Whatever makes you do more damage.
  3. Focus on outfarming and out warding, freezing only until summoners up most likely is only worth way to freeze.
  4. Maintain the maximum kill pressure. ( frozen mallet if you have to or trinity + a freeze )
No defencive laning anymore. Gotta learn and practice abusing flash or whatever other summoners your pick to full 100% to keep getting some KILLS!!!!!!!!!!!! Like vs heimer, flash in through grenade insta gib, he is squishy, hook him back if u have to whatever. Learn faster combos

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