Monday, December 14, 2015

Heyo new crowowowo

Sup man. Some interesting points you've made in the past hm. One track mind surely can be called ineffective, but consider this ;

evolve the one track mind

Same as a river can expand and swallow even more of the land in its path, same way one track mind can swallow even more, as long as you expand its boundaries

Instead of focusing on 1 champion/1 playstyle. If you expand it towards a broader idea : Whatever wins games ( how? whatever follows the effectiveness formula to the core, whats most coefficient with items/laning/matchups. Anything what loves you back, gives you reward for efforts you put it ( remember rifle style, it gives reward of constant domination ) Then you expand the one track mind aswell. In the end one track mind is the only and the ultimate tool you have, it is the pinnacle of competition

I just read back a year worth of posts, this blog sure is amazing. Its both fun and sad at same time. Not that much has changed over the course of this year, I should really start working harder lol!


So far league things are like this:

Garen, Renekton, Darius                               Benched champions ( potential comeback ) : Aatrox

Theres no reason to ever not play Garen when it is soloQ match. Best soloQ champion. While darius and renekton require a team to actually 100% carry, but even in Q they do pretty good due to their harass and being hard to gank if played properly.

Pressure style and "wave plays" style is the best as it results in never ending pressure and if you cannot be dueled, you wont be stopped from scaling ( as you make a play,recall, make play ,recall, you are everywhere! )

Overstaying is gamble, but should be implemented back again if I do have sufficient enough sustain and wave is coming towards me or so. ( so I could freeze it till core item safely ), but its risky!! cuz in the end I'll have to push back somehow, requires advanced calculations!

Tough questions to ask yourself everyday:

  1. Did you allow your fear/anxiety stop you from doing something today? why?
  2. have you been true to real self today? ( have you done everything you wanted/could )
  3. what will you do now?
  4. what about tomorrow?
  5. do you want to kick ass?
  6. You know your answers


Anyway thanks blog and to whoever is reading ( I just checked the stats of visitors, hello Japan? thats new! Never had anyone from Japan visiting the blog ), its always heartwarming to checkout the amount of visitors blog gets, even though I suspect its mostly bots and ads LOL

See ya. And if anyone been wondering where I am gone, I actually have a private blog which I share, I post there mostly. ( for about 6 months already ) Though I should start posting here too, it really good way to shape up and sharpen my mind for the upcoming day
Cute pics started to grow on me ~~