Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Thoughts #99999999

Being practical in life ( fixing your problems, taking care of things, making things run smooth 'n easy ) is one of the best things in life, as it gives one freedom and peace very easily. I was always very dramatic about my life. Inspired by many wrong ideas I thought that practical things come second if not third in life. I thought that things like love, passion, lust for life, all of that is out there to be found or to be discovered inside of yourself. In a way I depended on luck factor ( which I increased by getting myself out there ) to find those important feelings in my life, and if I ever stopped trying and betting everything on it, I would feel afraid of never reaching those things and feel instant dread in my heart.

I had a very very strong and firm belief in it, I really had almost zealous devotion to those ideals, willing to put everything on the line, but of course the only thing I ever got was disappointment, crushed ideas, worthlessness, and loneliness ( CRUSHING LONELINESS )

I guess this is why I always had a secret attraction to religion, we have things in common.
But this isn't a depressing post. I've grown a bit since last time I was blog posting here about my feelingzzz.

Of course I could tell myself, well all of what I ever did and thought was bullshit and time to live in a real world now and start accepting real world standards and ideals, or else im facing really terrible life and death! Just like in any game, there is METAGAME, the effective things, and those who don't know them or refuse to accept them will always struggle and fail, even if they play better or are smarter. IT NULIFIES EVERYTHING, meta is always overpowering.
But META is same as life, it doesn't deny freedom by forcing its standards, I can see why one could look at it like that, but what it actually does, is give a purpose/goal. And you are free to use any means you want to reach that, ANY MEANS

To use warcraft 3 as an example. META was strong tier1-tier2 to get control of creep camps and prevent expansions/tower pushes. Most importantly it was the CREEP CAMP control. If you don't have strenght in tier1-tier2, enemy can come and take basically everything from your side and then turtle on his own. Dangerous!!!

The way I did it, was to either use RIFLES with upgrades + BLM PALA or Paladin + tavern hero to get control of tier 2, and in tier 1 I used teching builds and walls and militia abuse to get myself going, or footmen and militia and split it all up so noone creepjacks my paladin.

Or to tech with towers and some footmen and play distraction game while farming with militia and spamming breakers, and use breakers + staff + bloodmage/flamestrike harassment while farming with priests + militia.

I PLAYED THE META. I fulfilled my purpose of META, but my own way. I still wanted to get creep camps, I still got them, I still was strong, but not "DIRECTLY" for a while. I abused the fact that no matter how strong opponent is, they cannot be everywhere at same time. So as long as I have strong enough force to take their attention, they cannot stop my multitasking. I did this because then I had stronger pay off later with bloodmage and my cool base and teched units, and I in general liked this kind of playstyle, it was interesting / challenging and fun.

But anyway the point is, I played "META" in a way. And same goes for life and everything else.

If you cannot fulfill meta, you are basically useless, but noone is forcing you to do it standard way!

So what is META of life, at least for me?

  1. Social , comfort, love, share and learn ideas
  2. Health, strength, passion, motivation, lust, food
  3. Duty, work and all the other responsibilities which cause stress if left unchecked,
And thats all there really is. Sure there could be more added, but thats just bonus. I know I don't really need anything more to live without pain haha

They all kind of depend on one another, so just gotta do it all.

 Point being, is that there are many ways to fulfill all of these POINTS, and as long as you do, everything is alright my man! BELIEVE IT

There was this one guy, japanese war prisoner, he drew a picture of a person and talked to it to keep himself sane and social while in captivity. Its same as waifus in a way, and as someone who tried it, I can say that it does work. It just makes things better. And its not the pathetic, bullshit how majority sees it as, its a comforting thing. Its not escapism, it really is just COMFORT, ITS NICE to see a picture of your waifu and get comfortable and just lay and look at her while listening to your favorite music. It brings peace to your soul. Its actually more effective from my personal experience after you've been in a relationship, as now you can imagine how the things feel a bit better ( hugs, warmth etc. ) and imitate it in your head, it gives almost the exact same level of comfort if not more at times

Things which you know give a feeling of comfort. Waifu, fav food/snacks, fav show/game, fav activity or so.  Things you are good at or are at good terms with basically. ( or good friends haha )

Sharing/learning ideas, could do that on the internet, through one of the interests ( like a game ) or books/shows blabla, there is always some stuff like that going on. Just gotta plunge into it with a right mindset and not with a mindset to only consume and lurk.

Love. Deal without it, but try to compensate by giving yourself lots of it. Feels pretty good too.

Health, strength, passion, motivation just incorporate the comfort with this. Make some plans which you enjoy and find comfortable which happen to improve your health as well. Like taking walks/riding bike etc ( those are easy ones ), find some cool spots which you enjoy, do night walks ( FUCKING NORMIES STEAL ALL THE GOOD PLACES DURING THE DAY ) or do very early morning walks !  Doing some stretching exercises actually feels pretty good and helps me think at least. It would be nice to built it into a habit to do some of those during loading screens or what not, its really not hard! I used to have a rule where after each lost game in league of legends i do 10 push ups or so. It was decent! And something to do to unwind after losing haha

Motvation and passion will come to you after you start doing these projects and experessing yourself. The more you do good stuff, the more better stuff you will want to do

Lust, well have fun with that. You gotta know yourself to do this well, dont be afraid to explore

Duty, just having an attack plan on how to do everything nice and quick, and your options, really helps. Can do everything in one quick sweep, and then go back to chilling and doing things you want

It really is mostly about the step 1 and 2. If you manage those well enough, duty and work is not bad!

So how do I do it specifically now? What are my comforts, social satisfactions, how do I improve my health, and whats my attack plan on my "duty" ?

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