Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Balancing out things in life

What do I receive already?
Any ways to improve it?
What do I need?
How can it be achieved easily and quick? ( FOR ME )

  1. Love / companionship / support / friendship
  2. Sex / keep the biological lust away
  3. Money / well being in the society / less stress
  4. Health 
  5. Comfort / organized things, knowing how to treat yourself
  6. PASSION / Something what makes your brains and creativity work full throttle 

Many of the problems/needs can be "lessened" by learning to see things as lesser problems. For example if you learn and believe that you have enough money to live by right now, and its not a problem until few months later only or even a year or two, then the problem lessens and can be left alone for some time. 

But its pretty boring to just do "damage-control" your whole life and lessen everything. Sometimes just want to do something in life what you WANT TO DO, and that is not lessening things, but DOING SOMETHING GREAT. But I guess it would be too naive and too greedy to assume that all of them are possible at same time, perhaps should just choose a couple which are the easiest to do, and "damage-control" all the rest, until the time that it becomes easier or opportunities arise !

If there is no effective way to earn money right now, but can be potentially later ( education ), then that is sadly a closed door. Can be frustrated about it as much as you want, but it wont open unless you commit to the idea of earning money and sacrifice everything else, but is it really worth it? If it would, why didn't you throw everything away and do it already? 
It may be a closed door, but the funds you have to survive right now, can still be saved or used more efficiently to open up some slight doors, but cannot expect to live a life full of freedoms available through money, that will have to wait. There are still cheap, or even free ways to enjoy the taste of same freedoms money offer. Having a night every now and then, when you treat yourself. Buying things which are just cheaper. Going on trips and to places which are cheap or free. It may even give you the better experiences, as who knows what awaits you there? Have to ask yourself, what for do you need the money for anyway? And what are the ways to compensate and receive similar type of feelings without the money, and if you have difficulty finding the way, then what is the cheapest way to fulfill those feelings? 

There are always alternative options. It kind of hurts the pride to even considerate alternatives, and it seems boring, but isn't this the reality for majority of people? Just so many people choose to sulk about it forever and accept their shitty life, their closed door, instead of looking for a way around it. Its not like its even going to stay closed forever. Only thing as humans we have is the will to try, and the adaptability. Noone is actually strong. You are either adaptable or you are weak, that is what evolution taught us

Too tired to go on, but these questions should suffice to ask one self on what to do. I ll do it too

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By the way just like with strategy games and any good habit you ever acquired, same goes for relationship with Julie. Must write down the things she says ( the most important points, the points where I need to compromise like patience and time and Julies weaknesses etc. ) and read it all the time until its deep in my memory and then read it everyday ANYWAY so it stays there. That is the only way to teach myself from going overboard and being stupid. That is the only thing which ever ever ever worked for me to improve at anything, why was I made to be like this? : D ITS SO NOT COOL. I AM BASED ON FAILURE. TRIAL AND ERROR. SIGH!!! Well, but I am what I am, now lets not FORGET THAT, and fill for my weakness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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