Monday, June 13, 2016

I am invisible, deal with it

Deal with it. Invest into activity, tame this

My loneliness gets bad sometimes, it turns my insides out

Contain it, tame it, learn how to deal with it. Please, by myself. Nobody else has your back, only you can manage your own feelings

Nobody owes you anything, nobody will invest into you, only you can do it

Accept the road  , just accept it

Invest into myself, move on, live life and stay hopeful

Deep breaths, continue...

I dont need easy way out, I dont need help, I am fine

Continue on now. DONT IGNORE YOURSELF, be my friend

Everybody else is too busy for me, focus on self self self self self self

isolate everybody, but dont force it, let it happen

stop trying to prevent it, just let things go


sigh I literally dont have anything going on anymore, i am at point 0. Have to start over

What a lonely feeling

Because it is not like I havent tried. To be left completely alone without ANYTHING after all the effort and energy, its just so lonely and soul crushing



Lets analyze myself some more. Why do I feel this and how can I deal with it.

Why do I feel so fucking deadly lonely?
When do I not feel like that?
Any other ideass...? ahhhhh sometimes it huts to even write... fuck this feeling

ill tame you, i will...

first ill just take a break

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