Monday, June 20, 2016

King or GOD

king is a thing
god is a feeling

if king doesnt follow god, he is useless king

if you follow a king , you are useless

we all must follow god, that is the one and true loyality and unity and comradery there is

everything else is fake posery and bullshit, and you know it

Unite in same cause, or its not unity at all

love this pic

There are always before ANY ACTION or THING HAPPENING 2 options presented to you. FOLLOW KING OR FOLLOW GOD. Always choose god, fuck this shit.


no wonder you are lazy and fucked up and unmotivated. BECAUSE EVERYTHING SUCKS. SPEC OUT INTO FIRE, MY SPECIALITY ISF UCKIGN FIRE JUST DO IT

this is relevant

Your Passion
Passion hangs out only where Kinetic and Potential Energy meet. It is always there. It is that teeny tiny moment when you are releasing the ball but haven’t fully let go but aren’t fully hanging on either.
Passion isn’t Kinetic and it isn’t Potential. It is where you could move but aren’t, but almost are but aren’t.
I recall being at the end of a diving board, a high dive about ten feet above the surface of Pine Like. I had climbed the stairs to get there, increasing my Potential Energy, and could jump any moment, and express some Kinetic Energy.
On the end of that diving board I was the most alive I could be. Almost jumping, almost falling, almost remaining where I was. The feeling of being that alive is exactly where Kinetic and Potential Energy meet.
Passion is always waiting for you at the border between these two old energy pals.
The Bad News
Passion is available only in the moment. Once you jump you are Kinetic. Before you jump you are Potential.
Passion doesn’t persist. It is there and then it is gone. Once it is expressed and before it is expressed, it isn’t passion. Standing on the diving board is pre-passion. Falling toward the water is post-passion. But as you jump is ripe with passion.

The creation of art is the passion. The completion of art only ignites another creation. (Jeffrey Breslow)

The passion... is transmuted during the act of painting from rage to euphoria. (Jane Champagne)

One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested. (E. M. Forster)

rules and chains ONLY PURPOSE is to direct your passion into right places. IF ITS FOR NAY OTHER PURPOSE, FUCK YOUUUUUUU ( CROWJAM )

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