Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Love is

putting hope in somebody, imagining they will be our significant other out there for you
( the yungg luv )

or simply adoring another human being for who they are or any other being, how they/it makes you feel


thats why the 1st variation hurts so much when it turns out not to be true, your whole inner world collapses


something  from the internet

Both innocence and trust can be reclaimed and become even more powerful energies in our lives. Innocence does not mean ignorance. Until we are put to the test, our innocence is really more ignorance than innocence. We can no longer “not know” about sex addiction. We do know. We have been put to the test. Our innocence has become separate from our ignorance. We move to a more crisp, full-bodied innocence because it is a knowing innocence. No longer is it undifferentiated and unconscious.
It is a process, and sometimes it takes longer than we want it to. Perhaps we would give anything to go back to the day before we met our Sex Addict/Compulsive (SAC) and choose to have been elsewhere in a vain attempt to reclaim our innocence and ability to trust. It does not work that way, alas. Our trust will now be guided by our developing and intuitive discernment. No longer will our trust be handed out like a party favor to all comers. No longer is our trust cheapened by believing words without actions. We remain open and yet, exercise a nascent discernment that's been waiting for our entire lives to be heard, to be honored by us. Slowly, we learn to honor our discernment and to come to a trusting that will not disappoint us over and over again because we are engaged with discerning curiosity all along.

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