Friday, June 10, 2016

Old knowledge

I am an aggressive player / person.

Want things now, quickly.

Want to express myself, be unlimited and hardcore. Kick ass and be unique without suffering for it.

I always had some kind of "technique" or way to help me utilize my strengths. For example focusing on fortifying my defenses so I would never have to focus on them, or focusing completely on offense so I'd suicide and try to end games quickly etc.

From all the experiences and knowledge which I gather up, I can say that focusing on defense is the best option. Same could apply to life too.

If you want to be free and feel free and be aggressive, need to take care of every single thing which can happen to MAKE you return and focus on defense. To be great at attacking, must be able to focus on it, and only way to focus on attacking is if your defense is impenetrable. It simply is the most effective way. Its kind of a backwards approach if you are an impatient person, but once you actually fulfill it, it feels so right and so good to not have to worry about all the stuff behind you. To do that need to understand quite a lot about yourself, about enemies, about how game works. Same for life. Things become so simple, once you actually understand how your own feelings and senses work. If you have trust and belief in your knowledge and understanding. There is no reason to freak out about anything

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