Wednesday, July 6, 2016

old old

whats the point of keep relationships if you are not being true 100% SUPER SELF who isn't mediocre?

of course it is easy to be COOL and LIKED and stay with people and not be judged if you are MEDIOCRE. But what is the point of being like that? It is simple not fun, stale, boring


Where my danger at, where my passion at. That is beautiful

always stay weak, always look through the weak perspective

that is the only way to actually be strong

the paradoxes wheel continues

What is the point of asking questions?
If I recall correctly, the moment I started asking questions instead of just believing and adapting/doing things, I became slow, boring and unhappy. Questions may seem like a smart thing to do, but isn't it just a UNLOYALTY to LIFE IT SELF?
Asking and answering questions for someone else, is preparation to deal with people who will be unloyal or have the lack of ability, why surround yourself / care about people like that? I forced myself into mediocrity because of my loneliness, what kind of fool does that to himself? I am a superstar, that is why I absolutely don't give a shit about most of the simple things. You know that yourself. Then stop making myself answer and go through all these questions about life which don't matter. Dedicate myself to something, become a fucking weirdo/crazy person, you admire them anyway. That is who I am, nothing else. Of course life looks unmotivating and shit, if all you see is something you are not. Change your eyes dumbass, see it for what you want / and need it to be. Change the perception of reality from mediocre to your own.

[12:37:15 AM] crowjambouuuuu: few rules
[12:37:34 AM] crowjambouuuuu: 1. do people a favour and dont judge them / anticipate their reactions. Just let it happen
[12:37:45 AM] Blia Jft: okay
[12:37:48 AM] crowjambouuuuu: 2. say what you need to say, expose yourself / be vulnerable in front of people you want to get close with
[12:38:03 AM] crowjambouuuuu: 3. tackle your fears

when talking, dont try to summon magically something smart or deep. Just follow the same natural idea you have to say, stay firm. ITS ALL ABOUT TIMING, NOT ABOUT THE WORDS

juist look for a good timing to say the thoughts, if there isnt one, sit and listen THAT IS ALL

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