Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Stress free way of living

The morning routine, a way to start a day

It is the most important thing basically. Start good, and you are on the roll. Need to brain wash myself to get into this right step every time I wake up, no matter the time of the day. A lot of that depends on the night before sleep as well. I talked a lot about listening to yourself and satisfying your feelings in the way that you find satisfactory, and the best way to listen to what you are feeling is to just get up and do something and then see what you are feeling while/after doing that. Hence the morning routine is even BETTER for these things. BE STRAIGHT FORWARD. THAT IS HOW I AM. TOO MANY OPTIONS IS STRESSFUL AND BAD AHHH

  2. ROLL MY EYES AROUND!!! ( impossible to be sleepy if you do that )
BAM FINISHED. After that I am actually functioning and not being sucked in by bed as always

Before sleep :

  1. hot bath/shower
  2. brush teeth/shave/take it easy
  3. turn off the computer PLEASEEEEE
If this is done, my day quality will go up by 999999999% and you know that


This is something what I should change over time as I get bored or fed up or finished with things. But for now it should stay the way I write it and commit to these things!!

Exploration / sense of adventure/ excitement / new ideas / fresh inspiration / discovery / Satisfaction / fulfillment / purpose

1. Read "Think and grow rich"
2. Grab a notepad and go outside.
3. Organize
4. Night walk

Joy / fun / self expression / focused on the moment / challenge

1. Warcraft 3 + wc3 related things ( commentary, replay recording, guide improvement )
2. Finish Rally xtreme + stream/video it. ( make a new blog page where I track progress )
3. League of Legends ( garen only, guide improvement )

Taking it easy / taking time to yourself / do nothing special at all / feel cozy

1.  Play "the longest journey"
2. Cook and eat something tasty, get comfortable

Dealing with problems / issues

1. Look for a job
2. Go jogging and light strength exercises
3. Write on the blog
4. Learn some german

Companionship / friendship / connection with others

1. Talk and hang out with Julie !!!
2. meet with contempt

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