Thursday, September 29, 2016

I was an artist all along

The arts represent an outlet of expression, that is usually influenced by culture and which in turn helps to change culture. As such, the arts are a physical manifestation of the internal creative impulse. Major constituents of the arts include literature – including poetrynovels and short stories, and epicsperforming arts – among them musicdance, and theatreculinary artssuch as bakingchocolatiering, and winemakingmedia arts like photography and cinematography, and visual arts – including drawingpaintingceramics, and sculpting. Some art forms combine a visual element with performance (e.g. film) and the written word (e.g. comics).
From prehistoric cave paintings to modern day films, art serves as a vessel for storytelling and conveying humankind's relationship with its environment.


Movement and rhythm is my art form, among other things. I seriously do not know how to express it yet, I have ideas, but its still in progress. I just know that I undeniably, am an artist. The real deal
And I am fucking great at it

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