Friday, July 28, 2017

small note [incomplete]


VS ud : instant rifles build, paladin first. Quick tech and armor upgrades

expand with good t2 macro, and then max out on gryphs?

in t3 get gryphons bank and maybe MK 3rd or alchy 3rd

VS orc : banishmage footmen opening.24fast tech. Paladin 2nd. Farm and armor upgrades first. Farm farm.
armor upgrades and fight + take expo ( and heal scrolls ). Rifles suck at killing anything, but they are good at keeping still vs orc and scaling with mortars+shards or gryphons due to armor upgrades.

Thats the way to roll son.

if going t3, get mortars with shards. Maybe alchy with acid bomb as last hero ( or spray? )

vs human : bloodmage footmen start, with open base and towers. Slow down his creeping/farm to lvl 3 yourself.
Mass breakers + some priests + many towers ( defend your base at all costs ) while bloodmage + some breakers/footmen/zeppeling/shredder/manapot harass human. If base safe = farm with units while harassing. Tech to knights from many barax and armor upgrades. Copters vs air.
Go banish and fast priests with dispel and footies/mercs and ivory tower expand in t2 vs expansions or easy expansion maps. And then into same as above. ( banish/flame/flame or so )

Do not save money early game!!! maximum footmen and mercs ( merc camp is one of priorities!!! ) and no mercy priests with dispel rush, and 1 breaker to scout or so.
I can use footmen for suicide flamestrike push, not breakers. Breakers later only. This army would farm easier and sooner for me than breakers only.

If you have hard time defending, always send a breaker or few or a footman sneaky style inside enemy base and staff in there, crush with mana pot and TP out.

vs night elf : powerbuild baracks build with tavern hero.(naga or DR(lifedrain) vs warden or alchemist with rage/healspray max and banishmage 2nd?) ( but build up macro before tech )

lots of mercs and footies with defend, t2 tower rush or expand into rifles/casters/mortars or so.
(get production buildings first, before expanding)

or same t1, in t2 double workshop and 3 mortars + zeppelin + many copters and go do a sick drop, while your ground army and probably hero farm or so. Tech t3 and go knights +breakers +morts. (invisible knights harass? ) and farm farm farm. Expo gayme.


vs random : powerbuild baracks build.

    vs hu : firelord(or beastmaster) footmen and pressure/fight. Then scale into footies shield + priests dispel, good base, good macro, expansion and t3 mega plays.  + farm farm your heroes!!!
knights with upgrades rush rush!!! copters vs air! Steal best camps and be defensive!

    vs orc : beastmaster(hawk vs blade) try to farm safely and smart(due to hawk), get mercs and so on. Casters in t2. But tech t3 and get shard mortars + knights instead of breakers. If orc makes mistake just tower rush him in t2 with casters. Else play t3 scaled army, lots of farming and items and then bank into sweet army. End game with a push? or play expo game.

    vs undead : tinker footies and farm everything and take expo ( super split style )
then tower up, farm more, and start sending tanks with armor upgrades into UD base.

    vs night elf : same as normally.